Powder: Economical, Lot of Colors


Product Description


Bigen® Powder Hair Color is available in more than 70 countries around the world, garnering praise from countries like Japan, China, India and Singapore. It is popular in all kind of people owing to its unique qualities as follows:

- Easy to use. Simply mix with water and then brush onto hair.

- No hydrogen peroxide required, no ammonia contained, so gentle to hair. Bigen is permanent hair color but can be used after relaxer on medium to course hair.

- Economical - Bigen can be divided for use several times and save the remaining for next touch up applications.

- Most cost effective permanent hair colorant in market.

Color Choice

ProductColorPriceBuy it now
Powder 26Golden Brown$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 37Dark Auburn$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 45Chocolate$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 76Copper Brown$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 96Deep Burgundy$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 59Oriental Black$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 58Black Brown$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 57Dark Brown$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 56Rich Medium Brown$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 48Dark Chestnut$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 47Medium Chestnut$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 46Light Chestnut$5.99Add to Cart
Powder 88Blue Black$5.99Add to Cart